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A new Expertise Center dedicated to Plant Protein in France

Roquette continues to develop its expertise, innovation and technologies dedicated to plant proteins. 

In 2021, we opened a Plant Protein Center of Expertise in Vic-sur-Aisne (France) of 2,000 square meters. This center is a major asset to design the future technological processes that will bring new plant proteins properties.  

This Research & Development accelerator will enable us to support our growth ambitions and make a greater contribution to the food revolution and the plant-based gastronomy.  

This center is implemented at the heart of our Vic-sur-Aisne site to build on ‘Roquette 40 years’ experience in the research and production of protein. 

“Developing plant proteins is one thing and adapting those developments to the needs of the customers and consumers is another. That’s what Roquette does, and we are taking a large number of steps to accelerate our plant-protein development, thanks to a series of massive investments” said Jeremy Burks, Vice President of Plant Proteins at Roquette.  

To go further, we have launched a huge investment program to ensure that the plant protein supply is secure, safe, and sustainable.  

The Vic-sur-Aisne investment is part of this program, which also includes other investments in Europe and Canada. Roquette creates and imagines the future of food: that’s why the group intends to introduce several new sources of proteins every five years.