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“A Taste of Tomorrow,” a Novel Way to Engage Customers

Roquette continuously innovates to ensure customers are kept abreast of our plant-based offerings but more importantly, convinced of our solutions. The “A taste of tomorrow” sensory demo kit was initiated in 2021, during the COVID-19 pandemic, at the Roquette Food Customer Technical Services Center (Food CTS) in Singapore, to reconnect with and engage our customers.  

Customers were able to discover, stimulate their curiosity, experience our offering and last but not least, get inspiration to create recipes that would appeal to the Asian palate. This multisensory experience was created to see, touch, smell, and taste Roquette key ingredients applied in four Asian food concepts – pandan pea drink, plant-based Japanese curry, pea crisps and vegetarian meatball tom yum soup.  

Digital elements also complemented the demo kit, by leading to sheets of these food concepts, videos of recipes cooked by a Roquette colleague, links to our product finder and landing pages dedicated to NUTRALYS® plant protein and NUTRIOSE® soluble fiber.    

Our team based in Singapore are keen to introduce and accelerate the adoption of NUTRALYS® plant protein and NUTRIOSE® soluble fiber in the region, and they designed the sensory demo kit with Asian customers in mind.

The positive feedback received is not only on the quality of the food concepts presented but also how they were presented, as well as the time spent by our team of technical developers and sales colleagues in helping customers and stakeholders discover the demo kit, not to mention experience Roquette plant-based innovations.        

More importantly, the demo kit has generated high interest among the plant-based industry players and has paved the way for collaboration opportunities.