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Food4Thought TV to Learn, Discover and Taste With Customers

At Roquette, we believe innovation and creativity are the keys to meet rising consumer demands in terms of food and nutrition. That’s whywe decided to fuel the formulation ideas with original, online interactive content featured on our Food4Thought TV event on December 10, 2021. 

We created a half-day online, live TV show-like event, to learn, discover, taste, and have a good time together with our attendees. The event was broadcasted from a house and presented live by a show host.   

Within the program, we offered diverse contents: two hours of live talks with experts, food demonstrations, cooking show, and innovation roundtable… to inspire food manufacturers with a taste of tomorrow. Attendees discovered how to formulate innovative, tasty, and high-quality food and beverages with a plant-based approach and how Roquette drives innovation to create nutritional, texturizing, and cost-efficient solutions.   

More than a live event, this also allowed our customers to discover and experience the taste of tomorrow thanks to on-demand content published on the platform, such as webinars, concept sheets, trend reports, and a few surprises along the way.