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A Natural Wastewater Treatment Thanks to Reeds

Our plant in Lithuania has implemented an innovative natural surface wastewater treatment technology using naturally occurring purification processes. After treatment, surface wastewater that meets environmental requirements is returned into the natural environment. 

Initiatives such as the European Green Deal – an action plan to promote resource efficiency in the transition to a clean circular economy, restore biodiversity and reduce pollution – intensify the need for not only efficient but also sustainable, environmentally friendly solutions. Recently, there has been increasing focus on the quality of rainwater discharged to surface waters to preserve our planet.

For the treatment of rainwater, we installed a system of wastewater filtration through sand-reed filters based on naturally occurring processes. We constructed a nearly kilometer-long pipeline on our premises to pump surface water into the wastewater treatment system. Such a solution not only makes a significant contribution to the conservation of biodiversity, but also contributes to reducing environmental impacts.

Wastewater treatment takes place by filtering wastewater through the sand with reeds planted in it. These artificial wetlands allow the same purification processes as natural wetlands, with the only difference being that sand is artificially poured, and pipelines are laid.

The system installed at our Lithuanian plant does not use electricity in the cleaning process; it is only needed for pumping water to the treatment plant.

“In response to today’s challenges, Roquette in Lithuania is the first in the Roquette group to implement this innovative rainwater treatment technology that meets the requirements of the Green Deal. By strengthening the sustainability of our innovation processes and implementing environmentally friendly solutions through modern recycling technologies, we are contributing to our commitment to further reduce environmental impacts,” said Edwin Bernotas, CEO of Roquette Amilina.