Back Sourcing

Pea Culture for a Better Future

To offer high quality ingredients, Roquette is committed to source sustainably, towards minimizing environmental impact. 

2021 was the year of the grand opening of our new pea protein plant in Canada. This key milestone was an opportunity to reinforce Roquette’s sourcing strategy which relies on the sourcing of peas of a specific quality and the respect of our planet.  

In Vic-sur-Aisne (France) and in Portage la Prairie (Manitoba, Canada), we particularly want to ensure a full traceability and quality of our peas by sourcing most of our pea close to the plant. Having a global understanding of the whole value chain allow us to meet customers and consumers expectations while preserving resources and territories.. Ideal for crop rotation or avoiding nitrogen fertilizers, pea production contributes to a low environmental impact by being naturally sustainable. 

Thanks to a dedicated agronomists team in France and Canada, Roquette proactively works with its agri-chain partners to develop best-agricultural practices through continuous improvement with the aim of reducing treatments for plant and grain disease control in the culture of peas. 

In the long term, all Roquette teams work to further reduce environmental impact to eat better and healthier, all over the world!