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​Roquette is Committed to Reduce CO₂ Emissions

At the heart of its sustainable development approach, Roquette is committed to sustainable and responsible sourcing by encouraging local sourcing and optimizing means of transport. In line with one of the pillars of our sustainable development approach, Sourcing Sustainably, Roquette combines economic profitability with a low environmental footprint. To optimize the modes of transport to reduce environmental impact, Roquette decided to commit to the FRET21 program alongside a hundred companies.

Sponsored by the French public authorities and professional organizations, FRET21 aims to help companies to better integrate the impact of transport into their sustainable development strategy. The program supports shippers in reducing the environmental impact of their transport and logistics activities.

What are the key initiatives to reduce transport CO2 emissions?


Roquette is carrying out actions daily to reduce our CO2 emissions and has set the ambitious objective of reducing CO2 emissions by 10% within 3 years.

A dozen actions linked to transport have been put in place since October 2021 to respond to the 4 axes of progress set by FRET21: the loading rate, the distance traveled, the means of transport and responsible purchasing. For example, the group is going to:

  • increase the number of labeled transporters in an ever more responsible approach
  • increase the payload of 10 % on packed transports,
  • find alternative energy for the trucks in working in close collaboration with haulers.
  • Initiatives have already been put in place to reduce kilometers or to change mode of transportation.

The FRET21 program is a voluntary and collective commitment that mobilizes all our teams, and it enables us to reinforce optimizing our modes of transport, from France and to the whole world.