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Safety Brings all Roquette Employee’s Home!

To develop knowledge and awareness of safety to all employees, Roquette has once again renewed, reinforced, and organized local and global actions for all functions and areas of the group.

For years, safety is at the heart of our concerns. We are committed that, every day, our employees go to work, and safety will bring them home. Safety concerns everyone, whatever the work environment, the sector of activity or management level.

In Lestrem (France), all the members of the group’s Executive Office (EO) participated to a Gemba Walk. For few hours, they went through the biggest site of Roquette to exchange with the teams about how it is important to work safely. This Gemba Walk was an opportunity for them to meet as close as possible to the field on safety topics. In pairs, the EO members met with employees in different areas of the plant. On the agenda: listening, observation and safety interactions.

“Thank you to the teams that we were able to meet. We were very pleased with the quality of the discussions we had. Let’s make sure we never compromise on our safety.” Pierre Courduroux, CEO of Roquette

As safety must be a priority for all, this visit was also a moment to remind our golden rules and some useful safety prevention tools such as STOP5. By taking the time to think about the actions to be taken using the STOP5 tool, it allows to visualize the situation, identify the hazards, establish the prevention plan, estimate the risks, and decide whether to act under these conditions.

In Singapore, the teams organized a day to renew health & safety commitments pledging an incident-free workplace. This involvement was demonstrated through their palm prints on the “Safety brings me Home” themed poster before some workshops dedicated to safety awareness.

These actions on our sites allows to raise awareness about safety and to develop a safety culture, for all our employees, for all our colleagues.