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Sustainable Reuse of Wastewater Treatment Sludge

Preserving water is at the heart of our concerns, and our Benifaio site (Spain) has chosen to optimize its resources by reusing its wastewater treatment sludge.

The water we treat is often rich in organic matter that can provide fertilizing elements to the soil and stimulate biological activity. Our teams recover this water and send it to a wastewater treatment plant where the sludge is separated by gravity from the purified water in the plant’s decanters. 

Local farmers can then use the sewage sludge as fertilizer in their fields. This water treatment has many benefits, including providing nutrients to the crops, improving the quality of the agricultural soil, and helping reduce costs for the farmers. The agricultural recovery is applied in fallow fields, which are closely monitored to ensure compliance with regulations.  

Agronomic recovery is one of Roquette’s actions in the fight against climate change and for the preservation of soil quality. It is also in line with the principles of the circular economy by allowing the recycling of phosphorus and associating with actors within the territories (cereal growers, farmers and communities). Finally, the proximity of the production and use sites of the sludge reduces transportation.