In the photo, from left to right: Antoine Fady, Véronique Demolliens (Employee Representative, appointed in June 2020), Caroline Catoire, Christophe Roquette, Jean-François Rambicur (Vice President), Sophie Roquette, Édouard Roquette (President), Lise Nobre, Hervé Catteau (Employee Representative), Roma Roquette, Stéphane Baseden, Denis Delloye. This photo has been modified to include the entire Board of Directors.


Independent Directors


Family Directors including the Chairman


Directors representing employees

Life and nature are our inspiration sources for decades.

Thanks to our expertise in the field of food and health, we are constantly creating new synergies between these two worlds and revealing the potential of nature to improve the lives of everyone while caring for our planet.
We are driven by innovation, deeply rooted in our DNA for over 85 years. We develop and deliver high-quality plant-based ingredients that better feed people and treat patients.
In 2020, we embodied our values more than ever.
With authenticity, we have listened to and understood the expectations of our customers and consumers. Imbued by our vision of forward-looking and our thirst for excellence, we have accompanied the evolution of their needs and innovated alongside them. Thus, our plant proteins have begun to propel a new gastronomy that is part of the current food revolution. Our activity in the field of health has contributed to the joint efforts of the scientific and pharmaceutical communities for the treatment and prevention of emerging viruses.
Finally, in a year marked by the pandemic, we have changed our working methods and paid particular attention to the well-being of our employees.
This new Activity and Sustainable Development Report demonstrates our commitment to all current and future generations. We have built this commitment around four pillars: Innovating, Sourcing, Biorefining and Acting. It is based on many initiatives that make us proud.
We would like to thank all our employees, partners, and customers who, every day, help us to accomplish our mission for a better, healthier future that respects life and nature.
We wish you an excellent reading!

Édouard Roquette
Chairman of the Board of Directors

Pierre Courduroux
CEO of the Roquette group

This pandemic period has had a lasting impact on society.

This unprecedented global context has confirmed the soundness of our strategy dedicated to food, nutrition and health, as decided by the Board of Directors, as well as our capacity to adapt and innovate. The new Executive Office is committed to this strategy for the long term and is continuing to transform the group.

Building sustainable and profitable growth is necessary for our continuity, but we must be even more committed. Under the impetus of the Ethics and Sustainable Development Committee, the group must contribute to climate and social issues. To this end, objectives have been formalized, and the Board of Directors will ensure their progressive implementation. In parallel, our digital transformation is also a major challenge. The Board is mobilizing to accelerate its implementation while paying close attention to the deployment of compliance and data protection measures.

The virtual meetings organized this year for shareholders enabled us to maintain a link and answer all questions. These moments of exchange are necessary for the relationship of trust that has been maintained between the group and its family shareholders since its creation.

Executive Office


Isabelle BOUVIER

Jeremy BURKS

Armand CHEN
Business Transformation


Strategic Initaitives

Virginie DUBOIS
Research & Development

Pascal LEROY
Product Line Management

Gianfranco PATRUCCO

Human Resources

4 committees

  • Appointments and Compensation Committee
  • Audit Committee
  • Ethics and Sustainable Development Committee
  • Strategy Committee