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The Board of Directors congratulates all the Roquette employees who have stayed the course during 2021 in a disrupted health, economic and industrial context. The deployment of the strategy decided by the Board in terms of food, nutrition and health has been able to pursue its development, particularly in North America, in order to position the group among the pioneers of plant proteins. The Board of Directors has listed the reduction of the carbon footprint of the group's activities as a priority for the coming years among the sustainable development challenges in which Roquette pays particular attention. The Ethics and Sustainable Development Committee will support these initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The shareholders are also mobilized on the effects of climate change to better understand its consequences on the world population, biodiversity and the impacts on our industry.


A Tribute to Life and Nature

In 2021, Roquette wrote a new chapter of our rich history: almost 90 years of unlocking the potential of nature to improve people’s lives while caring for our planet.

We are very proud of the way in which, every day, our teams apply our expertise and our know-how to create a better future. In a challenging Covid-19 environment, they made significant progress in continuing to build a sustainable Roquette. Among their many accomplishments, we would highlight the opening of our pea protein plant in Canada, the largest of its kind in the world, and where we are developing a sustainable whole value chain from growers to consumers.

As a company committed to offering the best of nature, we have always been caring, and we will continue to care about the sustainable development of our activities. Whether by sustainable sourcing, by improving our operations and industrial activities or by developing sustainable innovations that address consumer needs, we have always placed sustainability at the center of how we work. And 2021 was no exception, as shown by the reduction of our CO² emissions. In 2016, we set a goal of avoiding the equivalent of one million tons of CO² emissions by 2025, and this last year, we advanced towards it by avoiding the equivalent of 895,000 tons.

And now, we are taking another leap forward to recommit to our sustainability goals so that they are more ambitious, forward-looking and value-adding for people and for the planet. This includes a more transparent, real-time, communication and reporting of our initiatives and our continued progress as we work with our customers, communities, and all stakeholders to accelerate our sustainability journey and respond to the growing challenges of the 21st century.

We invite you to read on and to learn more about our forward-looking approach and our results, both through this report and through our sustainability digital platform Life and Nature @Roquette, where you will get to know our people and the inspiring, authentic stories that show how they contribute to creating a better and healthier future that pays a tribute to life and nature.

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