Decarbonizing Our Sites

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In 2022, Roquette has taken a new step in its commitment to sustainable development. As a global company offering the best of nature for the food, nutrition, and health markets, the group is determined to create a better future for all generations. Roquette is committed to placing sustainable development at the heart of all its activities.

Geothermal Energy

In 2016, Roquette inaugurated the world’s first deep geothermal power plant for industrial use. The plant draws water from a depth of 2,600 meters in Rittershoffen, Bas-Rhin, France. As a result, Roquette’s site in Beinheim is able to use 75% renewable energy in its industrial energy consumption. In 2022, this project reached a significant milestone, producing the first terawatt hour (equivalent to 1 billion kWh) of energy in Rittershoffen and consumed on Roquette’s Alsace site.

Biomass energy

Biomass is used to fuel several boilers of the Roquette group around the world, notably in India, China, France, and Lithuania. It can meet up to 100% of our sites’ steam needs and thus contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


Roquette has been implementing methanizers, which produce biogas, at all of its locations for several years. By substituting natural gas with the biogas produced, Roquette has been able to avoid emitting more than 14,000 tons of CO2 in 2022.

Energy efficiency

To achieve the goal of reducing the group’s greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, the 30/30 energy efficiency plan has been implemented in several Roquette sites worldwide. This plan aims to reduce specific energy consumption by 30% by 2030. The implementation of this plan involves improving existing processes and developing sustainable technological innovations. For instance, we have improved the efficiency of evaporators in China, recovered heat, and installed effective coolers in some of our sites.

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