A first study in Europe about environmental impact of pea products

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COSUCRA, the EMSLAND GROUP and ROQUETTE represent the entire EU production of yellow pea ingredients using a wet process.

We are facing new challenges in the food sector: customers want cost-effective, healthy diets with less environmental impact. 
The yellow pea has both functional and sustainable benefits, while also meeting the nutritional requirements of the customer. It is an essential plant-based raw material in this transition towards healthier and more sustainable food options. 
Cosucra, the Emsland Group, and Roquette support sustainable food value chains and are committed to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. 
For measuring the environmental impact of yellow pea ingredients from wet processing, Cosucra, the Emsland Group, and Roquette performed a Life Cycle Analysis in 2022, based on an EU methodology and “Product Category Rules for Starch Industry Products Version 2.1.” 

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