Better Monitoring from the Farm to the Plant  

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In Italy, Roquette provides local farmers with xFarm, an agtech company specializing in digital and precision agriculture. This tool provides the farmers growing waxy corn traceability of the supply chain as well as a report on its sustainability and possible improvements. It also serves as a relay with Roquette technicians for support throughout production.


Field sensors and a digital application guarantee complete traceability and help farmers to grow corn more efficiently thanks to a specific sustainable module and the calculation of emissions and COreduction. Thanks to control and piloting tools and Roquette’s expertise, this digitalization supports both precision and conservation agriculture.

With this smart agriculture, it is possible to move towards improved sustainability parameters by increasing the farmers’ knowledge. Also, for each activity carried out, a farmer has:

• immediate feedback on his impact,
• annual reports indicating whether his actions have improved,
• and can thus see through a constant dialogue with Roquette technicians where and when he should take action to mitigate his impact.


From the farm to the final consumer, via the collective farm, the digitization of agriculture holds the promise of continuous improvement of production in terms of quality, environmental impact, working conditions, and transparency. In doing so, it transforms agriculture and the farming profession for better sustainability.

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