Develop Our Activities With Local Communities

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Communities around us are populated by extraordinary women and men, who work to change the behavior, who share the knowledge of those who have the knowledge and who believe in the progress of medical research : our engagement beside them is a real source of daily inspiration for the Roquette Foundation.

– Anne Lambin, Head of the Roquette Foundation for Health

The Roquette Foundation for Health

Created in 2017 under the aegis of the Fondation de France, the Roquette Foundation for Health is dedicated to the areas of food, nutrition and health.

A perfect complement to the group’s sustainable development approach, the Foundation is aligned in particular with the Acting Pillar.

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Find out more about the Roquette Foundation and its actions  by clicking here.


Activities with local communities

Roquette is committed to develop activities with local communities near our plants.

Find out more about these activities:

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