The Roquette Foundation for Health Reinventes Itself

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Beneficial Food for our Health

After five years of existence, the Roquette Foundation has written a new chapter in its history in 2022. Thanks to several months of collaborative work, the Foundation has defined a new vision and mission focused on food, nutrition, and health for the youngest, from birth to 30 years old.

During these five years, the Foundation has supported committed and motivated project leaders in search of social impact. More than 25 financial supports have been executed, often with a commitment over several years. Projects in France, India, Brazil, and Vietnam have been carried out and have contributed to helping thousands of beneficiaries.


After these first years, the Roquette Foundation team took stock and evaluated the diversity of supported projects, the use of internal and external skills, as well as the organization and authenticity of its operational team. The evaluation was carried out by the Telos Impact consulting firm. Areas for improvement were identified, and with a group of collaborators and always aiming for excellence, the team worked and reflected on a new vision and mission, taking into account the new societal challenges of our world.

Thus, “Healthy food for our Health” has become its guiding star. In order to increase the impact of its action, beneficiaries are now primarily children and young adults, and the countries of intervention are France, Brazil, and India. Our reflections and the current economic context have also led us to integrate an axis on accessibility to healthy and sustainable food for the most vulnerable people into the mission. Thus, we are opening our horizon to other supports and project leaders.


We continue to act with authenticity, which is one of our main values. Now we have all the keys in hand to move forward, reinvent ourselves, and embark on a new journey towards healthy food for our Health.

– Anne Lambin, Head of the Roquette Foundation for Health

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